The Internal Butterfly

If we focus as much attention on our internal beauty as our external beauty who knows what humanity can achieve.


A Nursery Rhyme

There is no devil underground, no angel flying Earth bound, on our shoulders they do not rest, but inside they do reside behind each and every chest. To nurture the angel or rear the devil is our choice, but there are consequences to who we give voice. An angel sheds constant tear, a devil thrives on others’ fear, for the angel lives off compassion and the devil on destructive action. Most of us linger in-between, growing half a wing and a horn so lean, but why not let our wings spring, soar above the material thing, and leave the devil in his crib, never to rise and tell his fib.


Holding Out For Heaven

Heaven on Earth will never be so long as we believe in a Heaven in the sky.


Knowledge is Impotent

With each passing day a wise person knows less than they did the previous day. For a wise person sees that knowledge is illusion disguised as truth, and mystery the key to unraveling it.


Made in Our Image

We know nothing and in our insecurity we create faith. We know not what will happen when we die, and in our fear we create Heaven. We don’t understand the meaning of our lives and in our anxiety we create God.


We Fear Who We Are

We fear realizing we aren’t who we think we are. Yet it is precisely from such a realization that we become who we want to be.


The Right State of Mind

The more present we are in life, the more life we beget. The more conscious we are, the less we regret.


The Solution in the Problem

A problem arises within and immediately we look outside for help. We devour so called religious books, consult renowned doctors, and beg almighty gods for the cure to our suffering. But no matter how much we read and are psychoanalyzed, no matter how much we pray, our problems persist. We must learn to believe in ourselves, to answer our own questions, for the solution is found in the problem and nowhere else.


The Cliché and the Medical Examiner

There‘s a cliché which says, “You don't know what you have until it's gone,” and for the most part it’s true. But there’s one thing we have which life doesn’t give us the luxury of knowing once it’s gone, and that’s life itself. When we die we’re no longer able to reflect on the value of life, nor return to it. Which is why we must examine our life now and not wait until the medical examiner is doing it for us, and far too literally.


The Ultimate Art

We are the painter before the blank canvas of our life. From our color palette of seemingly infinite choices and opportunities we dip the bristles of our brush and paint our masterpiece. Each stroke unique, each mark a focal point, every painting a testament to humanity. For we are artists and our greatest creation, our ultimate art, is our lives.


War and Peace

Those who want war should fight it, those who want peace should live it.