Fantastic Saviors

We are all looking for a savior, a savior who will do for us what our mothers did when we were toddlers; provide the answers, wipe our ass, and make us feel secure. But the truth is we are our saviors.

Buddha, Laz Tzu, Jesus, Muhammad, and Yahweh cannot save us. Their stories have been around for more than two thousand years and yet there is more hate and war than ever in the world. We constantly look outward for the answers to life and they are consistently unsatisfying. Medication provides us a temporary band-aid, entertainment a momentary escape, and religion nothing but self-deception. We must learn to look within ourselves, to be our own Jesus, our own Buddha, if we ever wish for our children to live in peace.

The choice is ours, but if we remain lazy and apathetic, waiting for others to figure out who we are as a people, we leave behind a world where our children and their children will be forced to fight in violent wars to prove silly things such as whose religion or nation is superior. Our children may return home from these idiotic wars unable to walk, or worse, in a coffin. And for what? The laziness of their ancestors? Such is the seriousness of our propensity to throw the responsibility of our lives on the shoulders of fantastic saviors.