Nature's Lesson

Before we help someone we ask what can they give us, how can we be repaid? But what if the sun ceased shining and stopped heating our planet because we didn’t love it in return? What if the wind stopped blowing and providing us with energy because we missed a payment? What if the rain stopped pouring and watering our crops because we couldn’t advance its career? What if the oceans stopped flowing and providing us with drink because we were poor and had nothing to give back? What if the trees stopped releasing oxygen and cut off our air supply because we did something they didn’t like?

“What if” is not “what is”, and “what is” is the sun, wind, and rain help humanity and ask for nothing in return. We pollute the ocean and destroy the forests, but still the ocean and trees take care of us. Every day nature is teaching us simplicity, showing us love, telling us without telling that true love needs no reciprocation, true giving needs no return, and true being is universal harmony.