Waiting is the Easiest Part

We are always waiting; waiting for someone, something, some moment, hoping that they or it will make life worth living. And sometimes they or it do, sometimes we feel alive again, we feel our heart beating, our blood pumping, we feel full of life. But then it goes, out of nowhere our heart runs cold, our blood runs dry, the joy we felt dissipates and in its place is a hard emptiness like before, but worse, because now we are without that person, that thing, that moment which made us feel so free, so in tune with life.

This is the cycle of humanity, these are the peaks and valleys we subject ourselves to each and every time we look outside ourselves for happiness. And then we pass it on to our children hoping that maybe our life was a failure and maybe they will find that special someone, something, or time that will make them feel alive forever, that will never go away, never flee when you need it most. But this is a serious mistake, a way of perpetuating sadness and suffering to our children and their children’s children.

We must stop waiting; we must stop looking outside for happiness. No matter how many people tell us this, no matter how many cute quotes we read, no matter how much we realize the truth of it we still fail to apply it. We are not serious.

We are serious about getting a job, buying a home, starting a family, but we are not serious about solving our problems, finding out who we truly are, what this world truly is. If we could see and touch our happiness, walk it around in a baby carriage and show it off to the world, we would be serious about it, but because it is intangible we leave it for the supposed “holy men” of the world. Medicine can be left to the doctors and food to the farmers, but we must not leave our happiness for someone else to supply because it will always be insufficient.

Waiting is the easiest part, it is time we get serious and take action. It is time we stop waiting for someone, for something, for some moment to breathe life into us. It is time we breathe life into ourselves. For that someone is us, that something is Love, and that some moment is now.