Change Knows No Tomorrow

We say we want to change, that we want to be a better person. We say tonight I will be better, tomorrow I will be all I can be. But tomorrow never comes and tonight is too late; if we are serious about being a better person, about finding joy in a life that seems to have had all its joy sucked dry, we must act now. At this very moment and never look back.

We think that tomorrow our minds will somehow be different, that over the course of the night, through our dreams and nightmares, our minds will have suddenly learned how to be this better person, and like magic, we will be this great human being full of joy and compassion. But we, our whole body, not just our minds, must take that first step now, and from that step leads a path never walked before by another, a path in which we find ourselves alone, but a path in which we find ourselves; in which we become that better person we have always wanted to be, but never had the courage to become.

This all starts with a step, a baby step, a step that anyone who was once a baby can step, and it must not be taken tomorrow or the next day, because such days exist in theory and not reality. We must take this first step now, at this very moment, and continue stepping on our path to discovery and enlightenment.

There will be days, moments, where we want to stop walking, where we wish to turn back because it is hard and we are alone, but it is precisely at these moments where we must find the courage within us to take that same baby step that started it all, and continue on, ever learning, ever evolving, ever being that better person we so dearly wanted to be.