The Pangs of Hate, The Wonders of Love

There need be no punishment for one full of hate, for the inability to love is plenty punishment itself. Hate is a deadly poison which starts in the heart and pumps through the bloodstream. When left untreated it consumes one’s body and mind; sharpening the tongue, blinding the eyes, and deafening the ears. It is one full of hate that stabs and slices with the tongue; that judges beauty and condemns it as ugly; that hears truth and calls it ignorance.

One full of hate does not deserve hate in return, for the hate which consumes them is far too much hate for one. One who hates deserves to be loved, for it is through love that hate may be cured; for hating one who hates only sharpens two tongues, blinds four eyes, and deafens four ears. It is through love that the hateful tongue is blunted; that the hateful eyes see; that the hateful ears hear. It is through love that song is brought to the tongue; that beauty is unveiled to the eyes; that truth is bestowed upon the ears.