Embodying the Universe

Somewhere along the way from wearing diapers to reading newspapers we forget how to love, how to be compassionate; as our identity comes to life, our love for all dies. But this does not mean it is “human nature” to fall out of love, for even to walk we must learn. And like walking, we must learn how to love. For hate need not be learned, hate is the by-product of ignorance, of a lazy humanity which wishes not to learn love, but to soak in hate; which fears a life of love, and so, clings to one of hate.

Do not be lazy and do not fear. As babies we were empty of fear and full of vigor, though we fell time and time again in learning to walk; due to our perseverance, due to our faith in our bodies, we now are able to walk and see the universe. So be empty of fear, be filled with vigor, learn to love. For though we may fall time and time again, though we may stumble and trip on the stones of hate; through our mental perseverance; through our faith in the good of ourselves; we learn to love, and no longer need walk to see the universe, for we embody it.